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SMART draws on years of experience helping US Federal Agencies and non-profits articulate and achieve their strategic goals by aligning the portfolios, programs, and projects that support them. From helping her clients develop their plans to creatively managing the requisite organizational change, SMART leverages lean management best practices to adeptly translate strategy into action and action into measurable results.

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Click to listen to Operationalizing Strategy: How to link everyday work to organizational strategy

A well-functioning strategic organization is not a random assortment of independent parts but is a system of interdependent elements.  The degree to which these elements are aligned determines whether the daily work of the organization and its people are experienced as unified and well-ordered - or disjointed and inefficient. By discussing key strategy elements as well as tools & techniques, this webinar will help us connect the dots between our organization's strategy and the work we do every day.  Click to go to video